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Our Journey

The journey of Aberfeldy Islamic Cultural Centre [ AICC ] has started in early 2000 when some local Muslim residence of Aberfeldy estate got together and discussed about having a permanent place of worship for the Muslim community living in Aberfeldy estate. The nearest mosque at the time was the Poplar Mosque and community center in Robinhood estate and Central Mosque in East India Dock Road. In winter and in summer it was quite difficult for the older Muslim’s [musollies ] from the Aberfeldy estate to go there for congregational prayers in the early mornings and late at nights due to their age and also there were concerns for their safety. This prompted the above group to discuss about having a place of worship within Aberfeldy estate. On 30th April year 2000 the first formal meeting was gathered at 7 Adam house in Aberfeldy Street, with the aim of establishing a mosque in Aberfeldy estate and they have collected a sum of £400 which laid the foundation and opened an account under the name Aberfeldy Islamic Cultural Center ( AICC ).

They have approached the local council with their proposals and within short period of time the council has offered a single room without any washing facility temporarily to carry out the congregational prayers in Braithwaite house which was situated within the Aberfeldy estate at the corner of Abbott Road and Blair Street. Braithwaite house was on the demolition list under the regenerational programs and most of the flats on the block were empty. Few months later the council has converted flat number 7 [ground floor] in Curry House [virtually opposite Braithwaite house, in Blair Street] with all the facilities that is required to carry out the activities and relocated AICC and granted a legal binding lease in which it mentions about providing AICC with a permanent place of worship for the Muslim community within Aberfeldy estate. 

The Curry House is also on the demolition list and only a few flats were occupied and the rest of the huge building was empty. As he demand grew the existing space became too small for the purpose and in 2003 the Council has converted the adjacent flat no 8 Curry House and offered AICC to continue with their activities. In year 2008 Poplar Harca became the social landlord of Curry House and AICC became the responsibility of Poplar Harca to relocate permanently. In 2009 Poplar has relocated AICC to another temporary accommodation to 36-38 Aberfeldy Street, just a few minutes’ walk from Curry House within the Aberfeldy estate with a commitment to provide a permanent place of worship within one of the new developments. Since then negotiations been going on and finally in 2021 Poplar Harca has bought the current GP surgery [ 2A Ettrick Street ] and offered AICC to buy freehold for a price of 1.4 million pound. AICC has accepted the offer and now is raising funds to buy the freehold and to convert it to a permanent place of worship for the local Muslim community of Aberfeldy Estate.

Our Building History

Take a look below to see our progression within the community

Current: Aberfeldy Masjid

Aberfeldy street

Curry House

blaire street

Braithwaite House


Braithwaite Park

This used to be Braithwaite house

Curry House

Part of congregations in  Curry House – AICC

2000 – 2009

Aberfeldy islamic cultural centre

Aberfeldy Street



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